'Too Many Signs On British Roads'

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'Too Many Signs On British Roads'

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 02, 2009 11:01 pm

Half of drivers in Britain believe there are too many signs on the country's roads, leading to confusion for motorists. Skip related content
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Older drivers in particular struggle with the number of roadside notices, with 66% of over-65s saying some should be removed, according to a poll.

But just 38% of drivers under the age of 24 agreed.

And of the 8,000+ people who took part in the survey, three-quarters thought many signs were completely useless and ought to be removed.

The results of the AA Populus poll are being published as the Department of Transport continues to review the UK's signing system.

AA president Edmund King said: "At times we do try to bombard the motorist with too much information, such as at junctions with more than 16 different signs."

There is some evidence to suggest too many signs increase confusion and actually make drivers more likely to have an accident.

Officials in Drachten, in the Netherlands, removed the notices from a large, busy junction.

Over the next two years there were just two crashes there - compared to 36 in the four years before the experiment.

In October a poll of driving instructors revealed newly-qualified drivers have such poor knowledge of what signs mean they could be putting lives at risk.

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