Call to get learner drivers off Surbiton streets

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Call to get learner drivers off Surbiton streets

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:12 am

A campaign to restrict the number of learner drivers practising on Surbitonís streets has been expanded, after other areas spoke out about the problem.
Angry Berrylands residents have compiled a list of 24 instructors who repeatedly practise manoeuvres outside their homes and local councillors have vowed to fight their case.
Although learners are legally allowed to practise on any public road, residents are demanding some compassion.
Similar problems were reported in Southborough, Surbiton, earlier this year, prompting plans for a driving instructorsí code of conduct.
The two areas will now join together, ask to meet driving schools in the coming months and ask them to sign up to an agreed set of rules.
It could involve only using certain roads once a day or steering clear if another learner is already there.
Berrylands Councillor Frances Moseley said more learners have come to Surbiton to practise test routes around Tolworth test centre, after other local test centres shut down.
She added: "Itís a very high price to pay for living in a quiet street."

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