'Pictograms' make motorway debut

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'Pictograms' make motorway debut

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:27 am

Drivers on the M23 in Surrey and around Gatwick Airport will start to see new signs on the motorway - using pictures as well as words - from next week.
At the moment the motorway signs are only able to display text messages in block capitals.
Now the Highways Agency is changing the display on 20 existing overhead signs to show pictures as well as words.
The "pictograms" are based on familiar road signs such as those for accidents, queues, high winds and skid risk.
The symbols are inside red warning triangles which are recognisable from some distance away.
Because they are easy for all road users to read and react accordingly, they can help to make roads safer, the Highways Agency said.
Network Operations Director Derek Turner said: "We are upgrading these latest generation signs with pictograms to get helpful and up-to-date information out to drivers.
"The programme is being rolled out across the country during the year."
Variable message signs on England's motorways are either set automatically, for example when they detect slow-moving traffic, or they can be set by an operator at one of the Highways Agency's control centres.

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