Swindon turns off speed cameras

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Swindon turns off speed cameras

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:31 am

Swindon became the first local council in England to switch off fixed-point speed cameras on Friday, saying the money to maintain them would be better spent on other road safety measures.
The Conservative-led council said it had deactivated the five cameras in the town and will instead install temporary vehicle-activated warning signs at three of the sites.

"In Swindon we are developing a reputation for challenging the status quo and being at the forefront of new thinking, " said Councillor Peter Greenhalgh.
"Our sole aim is to find new and more effective ways to reduce road accidents within our current budget."
The council paid about 320,000 pounds for the upkeep of the cameras but the fines go to the government. Councillors said the money would be better spent on local traffic-calming measures.
Road safety charity Brake said the council's decision to get rid of the cameras was "reckless" and said it was "entering into a very dangerous experiment with people's lives."

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