Actions to actually make our roads safe

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Actions to actually make our roads safe

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:35 am

Letter: I see in the paper that the traffic “commissars” at Shropshire Council have decreed that the national speed limits will no longer apply in Shropshire without any widespread consultation with road users.
And I don’t mean the Zealots at Brake. While supporting the new lower limits in hamlets and villages (with the exception of the 40 limits that only apply for 50 yards), this is a classic case of being seen to do something - whether it is effective or not.
I would like to suggest some methods of making our roads safer - unfortunately they cost money so will be dismissed out of hand.
1. Improve visibility at hazardous junctions by cutting the grass on verges, trimming back foliage and removing signs that obstruct clear vision
2. Stop putting up “Road liable to flooding” signs and think it solves the problem - it doesn’t. Regularly cleaning out or the installation of new gullies is what’s needed.
3. When a patch of road has worn out replace it!
4. Re-locate slippery steel manhole covers from the apex of bends to the verges.
5. A squirt of yellow paint for a few months and then a shovel of tar in a hole full of water does not fix potholes.
6. Listen to the police - they probably know a thing or two.
Finally, spend all the road budget on the roads - keeping money back for compensation claims is ludicrous.
A W Clark, Newport
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