Road sign error causes confusion

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Road sign error causes confusion

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:37 am

Pedestrians in Manchester city centre were told to look the wrong way when crossing the road after an error was made with the road signs.
"Look left", painted on the road at the junction with Whitworth Street and Oxford Road, should have read "look right" for the oncoming traffic.
The mistake occurred because of the recent roadworks as United Utilities replaced major water mains.
Manchester City Council blamed the water company for the blunder.
A spokeswoman for United Utilities confirmed that the traffic had been re-directed to accommodate the roadworks but it had not been changed back after the work had finished.
But she added that it was down to the city council to repaint the road.
A member of the public alerted the authorities and the sign was changed at the weekend.
Many people complained during the roadworks in June, which affected Oxford Road and Deansgate as National Grid sorted out the gas pipes.
At the same time, GMPTE was carrying out construction work on the tram stops under its large-scale tram rail replacement scheme.

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