Road signs thefts 'not a prank'

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Road signs thefts 'not a prank'

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:37 am

At least 204 road signs have been stolen during a spate of thefts in Suffolk, police said.

Officers are investigating what they believe is the theft of signs for their scrap value rather than as a prank.
Give way and speed limit signs are among those that have disappeared, with the majority taken between the end of June and the beginning of July.
"The theft of these signs is irresponsible and could put road users in danger," a spokeswoman said.
She added that the signs indicate junctions, railway bridges, bends and speed limits and their removal could lead to large vehicles striking bridges, or any vehicle overshooting a junction or driving too fast in a village.
"We would urge everyone to be vigilant, particularly in rural areas, and report any suspicious persons or vehicles to Suffolk Police," she said.
"We are carrying out inquiries in respect of the stolen signs including liaising with scrapyards as we believe the signs have been stolen for their value as scrap metal."
At least 204 thefts have been reported but the exact number of stolen signs is not yet known, police said.
Signs have been removed either side of the A14 westbound from Stowmarket and around the A143, B1111 and B1106.

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