Learners assessed for eco-driving

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Learners assessed for eco-driving

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 02, 2009 10:54 pm

Driving test examiners in Guernsey will soon be assessing how economical learner drivers are on the road.

It follows trials in the UK which show eco-safe driving can save nearly 9% on fuel and reduce pollution.

From March, learner drivers will be asked to prove they can drive a car or ride a motorbike in an economical way.

The move has been welcomed by Environment Minister Peter Sirett who said it would help to promote a sensible way of driving.

In assessing eco-safe driving, examiners will be looking for control while accelerating, use of gears and brakes and anticipation of driving conditions.

The assessment will not count towards drivers' final test mark initially, although the States has said it may be introduced at some time in the future.

Candidates who have not demonstrated eco-safe driving will be given feedback at the end of the test, together with a leaflet containing more detailed information to help them.

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